There is a strong possibility that, in late March next year, we will begin
entering a period to be recognized later as 100 Years of Peace.      

Please dwell on this possibility and ask your friends to dwell on this

Think on it, not to make it come about, but so that we might recognize
its emergence when we find ourselves in the midst of it.  
Emma Moonsinger
from Darryl Mockridge, ed.

Emma Moonsinger told me that we are about to ‘enter a period called
100 Years of Peace.’ I told her that was unlikely, but I'd settle for 100
seconds of peace.

She said, “Please, only dwell on the possibility… and please also ask
your FaceBook friends to dwell on it.”
I told her, “I don’t think my FB friends will fall for it.”
She said, “From what I’ve seen of them, your FaceBook friends have
been straining toward this possibility for many years.”
I said, “Puh, don’t you think this is kind of childish, Emma?”
She said, “Why are you so petulant in your refusal?”
I said, “Gimme the damned stuff, I’ll stick it somewhere on the Estuary
She said, “See, we’ve taken a step already.”
I said, “We’ve taken nothing already. But, if we EVER find ourselves
caught up in the whirlwind of an emerging sustainable period of
peace, I’ll buy you a beer.”
She said, “I don’t drink.”