Strictly for legal reasons Estuary Publications neither agrees nor disagrees with anything
anyone ever says on any matter whatsoever, and especially anything that we ourselves might
put into print, market, and hopefully sell a few copies of to our helplessly vulnerable, easily
influenced, and always eager to please, sheep-like readership.
Estuary Publications sees no confusion in a world in which kids learn that beheading their
pixilated enemy is the very height of video game entertainment, yet are expected to display
shock (real or otherwise) when they hear of actual beheadings in some distant land which looks
surprisingly like the video landscape they play in every moment of every day, We are against
violence of every sort and feel strongly that it should be strictly confined to television, movies,
cartoons, and video games, as a form of entertainment, and private jokes amongst old friends,
off-mic politicians, and anyone too damned drunk to recognize just how appalling their behavior
has become,
Estuary Publications in no way condones anyone ever putting their money where their mouth is
when it comes to the endangerment of others. For example, if the CEO of Bullshit Corporation
comes to Dullsville to convince the good trusting citizens there that it would be perfectly safe to
build a nuclear power plant on the faultline that runs just 9 miles east of town, he should not also
be forced to build his own house on-site, and live in it, while that wonderful new nuclear power
plant produces cheap, perfectly safe energy for all.
Estuary Publications in no way condones ever undercutting the cost of pure idiocy. For example,
if someone charges $60,000 per lesson to teach skinny young girls to walk like a horse, and
truly feels that no less than three lessons are required to accomplish that noble task (though,
admittedly, some skinny young girls simply can not be taught to walk like a horse), it would be
wrong for someone else to come along and teach skinny young girls to walk like a horse for less.
Estuary Publications strongly believes that the portrayal of anyone, other than happily-married,
hetero-sexual, white males, as either villains or the brunt of jokes, is just plain wrong.