I forget what it was that caused me to declare, ‘I don’t like it’, to which my wonderful wife asked, ‘But,
WHY don’t you like it?’… though it happened mere minutes ago, downstairs, in the kitchen.

Whatever it was, it is never enough for me to simply declare, ‘I don’t like it’, I must also come up with
half-a-dozen reasons WHY I don’t like it. (I think it’s a French thing. My wonderful wife is French.)

So, in order to attempt to put an end to this tyranny for once and for all time, I have composed a list of
6 reasons why I don’t like any thing, whatever it may be, which might cause me to declare, ‘I don’t like it!’

1 I have never liked it; do not like it at this moment and, looking forward into the future, I cannot
envision a time at which I will, by any event, circumstance, or miracle, suddenly begin to like it.

2 That inner feeling (voice, instinct, inspiration—whatever you wish to call it) which, when I gaze upon
this thing, speaks quietly to me saying, ‘Hey, I LIKE THIS!’… is absent.

3 I actually do, in fact, like it, but cannot bring myself to ever admit it in public.

4 I’d rather spend my time and effort—doing, eating, working on, sipping, listening to, reading, or
attempting to learn—something I think I might like or already know I do like.

5 Someone I know, who has purposefully gone out of his way to offend me personally, and repeatedly,
over a number of years, has declared that he likes that thing. So, childish as it may be—admittedly—I
will never give that thing the impartial consideration it deserves.

6 I’m not a sheep.

(Parenthetically) I recognize that some people, many people, or more likely than not, (knowing what I
know of this world) every other person on earth, may like this thing—whatever it may be—and I respect
their right to do so. I have no desire to impinge upon that right, nor do I feel any inclination to impose
my views upon them. My wish is only that others refrain from the desire to impinge upon my right not to
like that thing, and resist any temptation to impose their view upon me.

Darryl Mockridge 3/18/17