“Marriage is the solitary thing in Life that has turned out the way they’ve always told us it could.”


Never having given any thought to marriage, and having no real hope of finding a good wife anyway, it
probably seems a bit unfair that I should end up with, quite possibly, the greatest wife any man has ever had
in the entire history of marriage. I cannot deny the injustice in that, but, it really is not my doing. Despite
myself, and against all odds, I now find myself married and as happy as a man of my particular temperament
can possibly be.

I cannot tell you how that came about, but I can tell you this much, being married to the right woman is the
best thing that can happen to any man. Believe me. It just makes so many things so much easier; it makes the
unbearable nearly bearable and, with any luck at all, it elevates the man. It may even have elevated me a bit. I’
ve written this book in an attempt to prove that. Unfortunately, it probably only proves that I am not the
excellent husband my truly excellent wife deserves. Admittedly, I am merely a very very good husband.
Nonetheless, I am now a respectable guy, and that’s sayin’ somethin’. The odds against that ever happening
were pretty good.

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