About 30 years ago, while traveling in Europe, my wife discovered that she was the
pan-European stereotypical local. Wherever she went and whatever she was doing,
tourists would approach her and, speaking in the local language (best they could),
ask her for advice.

She tells me that throughout that trip she was addressed in Italian, German,
Hungarian, any number of Slavic languages, as well as Serbo-Croatian. One time, in
Bavaria, she had just purchased a little wreath woven from wheat and wild flowers,
and was carrying it back to her hotel, when someone approached her asking, "Did
you make that yourself, little girl?"  I guess she looked the perfect Bavarian.

Today, while coming out of the French bakery, carrying a dozen baguettes in her
arms, she looked so undeniably French --which she is-- that I was compelled to ask,
"Did you bake that bread yourself, little girl?"
She's the most wonderful creature on earth, and I think it shows.