Hypothetical Investments is a hypothetical publishing company which offers free investment advice. Hypothetical Investments
does not act as an investment advisor for any specific corporation or individual, nor do we advocate the purchase or sale of any
security or investment for any specific corporation or individual. Potential investors should be aware that the proprietary
recommendations and analysis we present are not based on actual trading of securities but are instead based on an
hypothetical trading account which may or may not have entered and exited the suggested positions in securities at the times and
prices which may or may not have been referenced, if at all. Hypothetical Investments’ performance results are generally prepared
after the fact and are based entirely upon hindsight, and do not involve financial risk. The benefit of hindsight investing as used in
hypothetical trading is that
our track record, though hugely successful, is also non-existent, and has never been legally
reviewed. Consequently, we can and do not offer any guarantee of future profits. Additionally, investment markets have inherent
risks and hypothetical trading has many inherent limitations, not the least of which is that past hypothetical performance is not
necessarily indicative of future results in a
real-world investment scenario involving; stocks, futures, currencies, commodities,
CFDs, options, and any other type of actual investment trading. Although past performance is not necessarily indicative of future
results hypothetical investment
can produce large, substantial and even impressive potential rewards, but also carry equivalent
potential risks. Hypothetical Investments makes absolutely no guarantee and does not represent that gains or losses
demonstrated in past hypothetical performance is necessarily indicative of future results in a
real-world investment scenario; nor
do we suggest such results are either likely or achievable. Frequently, there are notable differences between hypothetical
performance results and the actual subsequent
real-world results. Hypothetical trading performance results do not always
account for the impact of unforeseen and unforeseeable financial risk in actual trading and cannot possibly take into account the
impact of market fluctuations or liquidity or demand or various additional associated trading costs. Investors must always be
aware of the risks when investing in any market and should never trade with money they cannot afford to lose. There will be
losses, and investors must be able to accept these losses. Hypothetical Investments bases its advice entirely upon a complex
proprietary system devised exclusively to generate, forecast and accurately pinpoint marketary whim. NO INVESTOR should make
any investment decision based solely on our suggestions. Your money is your responsibility.
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What we DON’T KNOW
We know nothing about the stocks listed in our newsletter other than their price.
We know nothing whatsoever about the companies behind these stocks; the products or
services those companies offer; their leadership. their CEOs, COOs, or Board of Directors.
We know nothing about their business plan; their market share, their position in the
market; their assets; their forecasts or any other aspect of their business. In most cases we
don’t even know the name of the company which these stock symbols represent.

What we DO KNOW
We know that the small investor is fighting a lonely battle. We know that if a small investor
invests, say, for example, $100, he can get ONE SHARE of a stock going for $100/ share;
or THREE SHARES of a stock going for $33/ share; or TWENTY SHARES of a stock going
for $5/ share; or TWENTY-FIVE SHARES of any stock trading at $4/ share.

We also know that a pretty healthy run-up of ONE DOLLAR/share would yield $1 for the
person with one share of the stock now trading at $101/ share; $3 for the person with three
shares of the stock now trading at $34; $20 for the person with twenty shares of stock now
trading at $6/ share; or $25 for the person with the stock now trading at $5/ share. Do you
see what i see? The only question is: do such small stocks make $1 leaps?

Which leads us to this: If one small investor buys 100 shares of a stock (for example) that’s
only 100 shares. But if 1000 small investors buy 100 shares each of the same stock, that’s
another matter. If 10,000 small investors buy 100 shares each of the same stock…it might
be enough to get the attention of larger investors.

With that in mind, the small investor can sit around and hope for things to happen, and
hope that when it does happen, he’s alert. OR, the small investor can, on any given day,
join with other small investors in a FEEDING FRENZY and see if, together, they can maybe
make things begin to happen, and attract some sharks.

Who we AREN’T
Pretty obviously, we aren’t Brokers, Analysts, Consultants, Advisors, salesman or con
artists of any sort, and (maybe not so obvious, but true nonetheless)…we aren’t really
trying to sell anything.
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Word of Mouth  =  VOLUME
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