I lent the book to another artist who is a published author and who's father is a noted American author.
She said that she LOVED the concept but thought your book was "over-written".

Dear daughter of noted American author,

First let me say this: I have just re-read Trial By Guest and found it quite enjoyable. I was looking for signs
that it is 'over-written' but got involved in the book and forgot what I was really there for.

Now this: I quite genuinely do not care a fig for what other writers think about my work, but your unnecessary
jab has somehow wounded me. After giving it some thought, it then infuriated me. Allow me to vent my ire.

Here's a thought: too many "published authors" think too much of themselves. And
every daughter of a
noted American author I've ever come into contact with, has thought far too much of herself.

On that topic, I'd like to take a quote from my own resume:
Well over 30 years of writing and editorial experience, including grant proposals, public relations and
marketing materials. A published book-length author (along with every other human being on earth.) ...

I need to tell you that my work NEVER springs from  a 'concept', and my readership doesn't seem to think
that it is 'over-written'. Or, perhaps they've kept that from me out of kindness. "Over-written' is a particularly
meaningless comment anyway. (Anyone might reasonably say that Sam Beckett's writing is over-written, yet
people think highly of his good work.)

One of my dear friends wrote a book recently which won awards and sold really REALLY well, and they're
making a movie of that book. But, he never throws around the 'published author' thing, and he never takes
a lofty perch from which he might declare his judgement of my simple efforts. Of course, if I liked the concept
of his book but thought it was terribly over-written, I'd have kept that to myself, in the manner I'd seen
demonstrated by civilized folk. My friend's a big boy and he's been writing for a very long time, and he has
his own way; I'm sure he knows what he's doing...whether I approve or not.

I'm a big boy as well, and I've been writing for 47 years, and I have my own over-worked way with words.
Some people don't like it.
That's fine.

Speaking not as a writer, but as a mere human being, 'pompous twit' is a self-appointed position, and not
necessarily an honorable one. You might want to back away from that bullshit just a little bit.

So, that's it I guess.

I hope I haven't, in these few fiery words, given you anything to think about.  
(Oh and, good work, artist/published author, my goat ain't usually so easily got.)

Darryl Mockridge

I looked at this woman's paintings and, honestly, I wanted pretty strongly to hate them. I was hoping, above
all else, that they would be 'over-worked'. But they were really quite nice.