MISS MANNERS  by Judith Martin                Monday, May 9, 2011

Dear Miss Manners:
I am a member of the local YMCA, which has a small steam room
in the men’s locker room. Often, when I enter, it isn’t hot enough,
so I pour cold water on the sensor to generate more steam.

The other day, when I started to do this the second time, an
older man asked me not to because he thought it was hot
enough. I tried to explain to him that steam rooms are supposed
to be really hot, but he just responded that I should ask the men
who were already there when I came in what they wanted. They
both just said they didn’t want to get involved in the argument.

In case I run into this rude old guy again, is there some polite but
forceful way to tell him that he doesn’t own the place?

Gentle Reader: Do you?