I’ve been asked how I can say that chess needs no
changes, and then turn around and say that it needs
more knights and pawns.

I agree strongly with devoted chess players that the
traditions of the game are sacrosanct. What I said was
that chess 'doesn't need any tampering'. So, I have
purposefully created
no new rules, no new pieces,
no new ways for pieces to move
. I do not claim to
have improved the game of chess. I have enlarged the
board and added a few more (traditional) pieces. That
expands the game, but it doesn't tamper with either the
fundamentals of the game or its remarkable heritage.

I’ve been asked, several times, how this game
plays out.

The board demands an entirely new way of thinking.
There is a PRE-opening to the game which—if your
hope is to dig down and get to chess as we know it—
simply will not allow you to get there. I think what Added
Ranks chess really requires, at this point, is for those
who know and love chess to hack away at it for a while
and come up with some pre-opening gambits. They're in
there somewhere; they remain yet undiscovered.

What's important to note is that the Pre-opening is not
the bloodbath of pawns that the board suggests  

When my wife check-mated me, the first time we played,
it took less than an hour—I was one move away from
check, with maybe three to mate—and there were still
dozens of pieces all over the board. So, that makes
Added Ranks chess interesting, challenging, and
tremendous fun.    

’ve been asked about the commercial potential of
this game.

I don't really look at Added Ranks as a commercial
venture. My proposal is pretty much as I’ve stated it: I
want to make a few boards and get them into the hands
of those who know their chess, and see where it goes.

I do think someone could put money into it and make a
few boards and nag their way into the market on a very
small scale, but that’s not a business plan. And no
business plan on earth will get those who understand
and care about chess to try what they probably see as a
half-baked, lame-brain idea, and nobody who doesn't
understand and care about chess will look at Added
Ranks chess without thinking it's too complicated.

(They'd both be right of course.)

richard mansfield