My wife works in a French hotel.
She has lived and worked here since she
was 6 years old…
That’s almost 50 years.  
Her parents own the place.  

There is a good French restaurant, which is
part of the hotel, downstairs.

At this moment, all of the people in this
building, including her parents, have eaten
well in the joyously packed restaurant below.
Meanwhile, my wife, the daughter of the
owner, is stuck in the office and has been
offered NOTHING to eat.

I acquired some sautéed potatoes, for her,
but when I asked for greens to go with it, I
was told there wasn’t enough.

So, while everyone feasts below, owners,
guests—and later, the servers—my wife,
who has basically dedicated her life to this
establishment, dines on a fistful of potatoes.

At this moment she is working the second
part of a split shift that began at 7 AM and
ran until 10:30 AM, began again at 3PM and
will not end until 11 PM tonight.

Daughter of the owner.
Has worked here all her life.
Is being worked like a rented mule.
No one ever asks her if she would like or
has had anything to eat…
not her parents..
not the chefs…
it doesn’t even occur to them.

Does it strike you as unreasonable for me
to be angry about this situation?

In order to properly evaluate that question,
consider this: it’s not unusual, it’s typical.

Everyone here eats, except my wife.
Everyone here gets two days/week off,
except my wife—she gets one day of the
week off—and that day begins AFTER she's
served breakfast (a 3 ½ hours shift).  
Everyone who works here gets vacations.
My wife, and I  have had 8 weeks off, total,
in the last 16 years.

Yes, I know it could be worse.
But I think you kinda gotta also admit
that it could be maybe just a bit better.
December 10, 2015
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas,