THE BEST SANDWICH I EVER ATE...                          darryl mockridge
… was prepared for me by my dear wife on the evening of Monday June 6, 2011 after we
had put in a full day’s work and our usual 3 to 5 hours preparing our menu for the week.

Ingredients: Makes TWO good sandwiches

Fresh Miche* 4 nice slices
Savoy Cabbage
Balsamic Vinaigrette,
Two lovely Pork Chops (no bone)
Panko bread crumbs, Paprika
Two Eggs,
20 Fresh Cherries
Dijon Mustard 1 tsp (or more)


Savoy Cabbage, julienned in balsamic vinaigrette

Two lovely Pork Chops, trimmed, flattened to 3/8 inch thickness
Whip the two eggs up, dip the pork chops, sprinkle them on both sides with paprika,
Bread them with the Panko crumbs. Cook them in a pan brushed with olive oil, ten minutes
on a side, over low heat. (DO NOT COVER)

Meanwhile pit the Fresh Cherries, cook them in a reduction of water and honey.


Spread the mustard on both slices of the bread. Cover that good mustard with enough  
cabbage to decorate one side of each sandwich without either shame or disgrace. Place
those lovely chops upon the cabbage. Arrange ten cherries on that chop with enough
sauce to make it almost impossible to handle.

                               THIS MAKES A GREAT SANDWICH

WARNING: If you are of a delicate nature, as my wife is, you are properly cautioned to handle the paprika
with respect. My wife got some on her forearm while in the throes of creativity and, though she washed it
off almost immediately, bears the marks still.

*We get ours at Whole Thieves but just as good might be acquired at half the price practically anywhere
else. We shop at Whole Thieves because otherwise we’ve discovered that the huge wads of cash we
carry around have a tendency to distend our pockets in an unseemly manner... and without those idiots
parking next to us in their Land Rovers, our car would remain forever ding-free and pride-of-ownership
might overthrow our proper humility,