The title of this booklet is “QUIT SMOKING in 17 DAYS, if you truly wish to”.
Of course, it’s the second part of that title—if you truly wish to—that is really
being tested. And that test begins right now.

At the bottom of this page there is a statement—“Today I decided to finally
quit smoking”—sign it and scribble in today’s date. Do that knowing that if
you still have a cigarette dangling from your lips after 17 days, and you’re
looking for someone to blame, you only have to look in a mirror. Do NOT
bother to go any further until you have signed that statement.

I see no reason for me not to admit that I am betting against you; I don’t
think you can do it. I say that because cigarette smokers are weaklings. If
you haven’t signed that statement yet, I’ve already won that bet, and have
proven my point.

There seems to be some evidence as well that cigarette smokers are also
stupid. To disprove that theory you only need to stop doing something which
everyone knows—including yourself—is not only stupid, but dangerous.

If you think the longer you wait the easier it’s going to be, you’re wrong.


             Today I decided to finally quit smoking


            signature                                        date

If your signature is worth anything, two weeks and three days from now you
will no longer be a smoker. That date will mark your liberation. On that day,
you will have proven yourself to no longer be either weak or stupid. In fact,
you will have shown yourself to be both strong and reasonable. You will
have taken that step on your own and, better yet, you will have come to
recognize that you have what it takes to accomplish such a highly
respectable task.

I am not suggesting that breaking your habit will be easy—I have been
through it myself and I know that it is not.
I am telling you that you have the capability to do it.

Here’s what is expected of you in the meantime.

Each day, read one page of this booklet—and only one page—and then
consider what you’ve read. For the remainder of the day, from time to
time, think about what you’ve read. Then, before you turn to the next day’s
page, return to the previous page and read it again. That is all that is
expected of you. Read and consider.
(If you wish to make notes, there’s plenty of room for that.)

The real question of course—underlying whatever else you may face on
any of those pages—is this:
Have you honestly decided to kick this habit?

Breaking any habit is merely a matter of not doing that thing which has a
hold on you. That may sound overly simplistic, but getting you to not do
what you’re doing is the goal of
every habit-breaking method, technique,
scheme and scam ever invented.

Whether magical or medical, physical or psychological, fear-based or
reward-based, the aim is always the same: getting the addict to no longer
do that thing. It’s a simple goal, but with a much simpler flaw. Every
approach to breaking any addiction is easily defeated by excuses.

Lucky for you though, you’ve already cleared that hurdle.
Excuses are
no longer available to you.
When you put your signature at the bottom
of page 5—expressing your genuine desire to quit smoking cigarettes—
you gave up your right to any and all excuses.

So, with no excuses to fall back on, you might as well get started, and you
might as well start right this minute.

We all know that smoking is stupid and dangerous. And, the question
underlying that basic, undeniable fact demands an answer. So, we’ll start
with that.

You are far too intelligent to continue
nursing such a mindless habit
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