Darryl Mockridge
"I accept full responsibility for everything."
From this day forward, I accept full responsibility for everything.
For all things; political, economic, religious, social, cultural,
whether local, regional, national, domestic or foreign, I hereby
accept full responsibility. I lay no claim to anything that might
go well. However I do accept full responsibility for our problems.

...this, so that our politicians might be free of the burden
and get on with their excellent work.

Darryl Mockridge   March 15, 2013
On behalf of anyone who speaks one moment and very soon after, due
to the squealing demands of the Hive, must issue a red-faced
public apology (or two or three or more)...I hereby apologize. I
apologize for everything anyone might say or do which conflicts in
any way whatsoever, and no matter how slightly, with anyone else's

For all statements deemed by others to be of an insensitive or
hurtful nature, I hereby apologize. I apologize most sincerely (of
course)for any and all independent thought carelessly expressed,
either in public or in private, by those of us who cling
unnecessarily to the antiquated concept of personal discernment.
For all casual utterances, personal asides, remarks and jokes
spoken by those of us who have not yet fully
evolved, who have
alienated ourselves from the wisdom of the swarm and simply
get it
, I apologize.

Above all, I apologize to anyone this apology may have offended.

...this among other things, of course.

Darryl Mockridge   July 15, 2013
Naturally, I'd  also like to apologize for everything.