“In this country, these days, unqualified no longer means disqualified.”          

HILLARY-SCHMILLARY                                                                                 Darryl Mockridge
Nobody ever listens to me. I said what I am about to say first in early 2013, and again later that
same year and then again in December last year. Nobody hears my cry. I don’t want this to come
as a complete surprise however so, I’ll give it one final shot. But, this is the last time.

The Republican Party misunderstands the situation entirely. Their biggest fear is not Hillary Clinton.
She is merely a pawn in a gambit which will, in time, once taken out of play, reveal the true queen.
So, things are much worse than the GOP could ever guess. What they fail to recognize, while
expending all their energy slashing away at Hillary, is the power of
Hive-mentality. Barak Obama
sees it clearly. His own experience has shown that whatever the Hive dictates, the voting
swarm will
work furiously to deliver. The real campaign, and what the Hive wants …how do I put this is a kindly
manner… is to place another Obama in the White House.

Yes, I know, so now you see
precisely what kind of a whack-job I am. Think what you will of me, but
I advise you not to forget what kind of a whack-job
the electorate is.

If the definition of electorate is- a body of qualified voters- then we need to define qualified, and
unfortunately, in this world, for all intents and for every possible political purpose, it only means
human. That, of course—things being what they are—may soon change, but until it does suffice it
to say that humans will elect (and then re-elect) absolutely anybody. Our most recent experience
tell us they’ll elect anyone the Hive tells them to…and thenceforth celebrate their choice joyfully,
riotously while defending their choice viciously, mindlessly, endlessly, to the
chagrin of anyone remaining who might still suffer the burden of either rational or independent

If there is any message to be found in the current administration it is that the American voter is not
looking for a president with experience so much as
someone with a vision. That candidate who can
repeatedly (there’s a clue for you) spew out the longest string of
Hive-approved pabulum, without
gagging, will activate the swarm.  As for experience, in the mind of the swarm, by election-time
Michele Obama will have had
eight full years inside the White House. In their minds she has been
standing upon solid and nearly-sacred ground for lo those many years… and she certainly has a
vision. Quibble if you must but you should realize by now how futile it is to attempt to drive the blunt
wedge of facts, truth, or reality into this political milieu and, during those eight years, she will have
seen the inner workings of the mechanism at close quarters. So, whatever her credentials
otherwise—with the previous President of the United States as her closest, dearest and most
personal advisor—candidate Obama will already know what levers to pull in order to activate the

By the time some bug-eyed woman emerges on YouTube proudly/defiantly (your choice) shouting
crassly into the camera: “In OUR country, these days, UN-qualified no longer means DIS-qualified”
it'll be too late, but at least you’ll know I was right.

But too bad, and too late. Because, while she’s in office, then-President Obama will take a
particular interested in the 22nd Amendment. You know, the one that says: "No person shall be
elected to the office of the President more than twice…” At that point her husband’s tentative
tinkering with that document—just to see if there were any real boundaries—will come in handy.

And, I'm betting that, at some point during her victory speech, Vice President, (Maxine) Waters will
proudly (no choice to be made there) declare, “We’re gonna do what's right for this country and
complete what's already been started!"

Laugh all you want—go ahead, get that out of your system—then take a good honest look around
at the world we’re now living in. I’ve done that and, after the very slightest consideration (for that is
all it requires), I feel comfortable predicting that Michelle Obama will also win re-election in 2020.

                                                                                                                © Darryl Mockridge 2013
UPDATE APR. 28, 2015