Henry Edward fool
This from a biography of Richard Mansfield that I have been working on:

Much of his life before marriage reads like the sad tale of someone who
spent a lot of time hanging out in blues dives.
But, that time was not all
wasted. In 1988 Mansfield launched a 40 page, bi-monthly, internationally
distributed, throw-away, blues magazine—Bay Blues—which quickly
developed a surprisingly dedicated word of mouth readership. (It also won
an award…but what publication hasn’t?) When, in April 1990, all the money,
the blonde, and the big-time distributor all ran out at once, hope for the
publication’s survival went along with it… a classic case of under financing.

During its short but respectable run however,  Mansfield interviewed
bluesmen, among them some greats: Willie Dixon, Clarence "Gatemouth"
Brown, Lowell Fulson, Jack Myers, Charlie Musselwhite, Jimmie
Witherspoon, Jimmie McCracklin, Charles Brown, Jessie Mae Hemphill,
Robben Ford, Albert Collins, Joe Louis Walker. (Etta James however, for
reasons unexplainable, purposefully evaded him.) He also interviewed
dozens of blues musicians whose good work remains largely unrecognized,
most notably: guitarists, Johnny Heartsman, Bobby Murray, Carlos
Guitarlos, Debbie Davies, Walter Trout, and on harmonica, Sam Myers.
Mansfield's work also appeared in LIVING BLUES, BLUES REVIEW
QUARTERLY, THRASHER, The San Francisco Chronicle, and was
plagiarized for the front page of The California Voice (the Largest Black-run
Newspaper West of the Mississippi).  

So, now Mansfield seems to believe he knows some stuff (though, clearly,
not nearly as much as he used to.)