I am apolitical; I have no horse in any political race. I know nothing about politics and don't
want to know anything about politics. I know this much though, if every politician on earth
disappeared tomorrow, it would be a better world. Nonetheless, I can not help but observe.

And this morning I observed this: Leftists never tip.

I made that observation out loud to my very dear wife as, together, we cleaned up after she'd
just finished serving breakfast, like a slave, to a herd of indifferent and largely unthankful
'guests'. Our guests come from every nation and bear every political stripe, but the party of
six which inspired the comment had been sitting around spouting loudly about things political,
long after everyone else had departed. It seemed to me, from what I heard of the
conversation, that any discontent they harbored could be pegged to either George Bush, or
racism, with occasional references to Romney's wealth. And, from what I could gather, they
were in agreement that everything good in the world could be attributed to unions or, with
great pride and honor, to political protests in which they had each played a vital, in not
significant part.  

After the grande dame of the lot took a single sip of the water which she'd instructed my wife
to fetch for her-- the pitcher was, after all, four feet away and would require her to rise from
her chair and in the unseemly manner of every other person in that place, pour it for
herself-- they decided to depart, leaving behind not a single penny.

While cleaning up after these aristocrats, I observed aloud, "Leftists never tip."
My very dear wife, who has been in and around the small hotel business since she was six
years old, stopped what she was doing, smiled nicely upon me, and said simply, "It's true."

She would know; she's been serving breakfast to the herds for years.

One more observation seems required:
it would be IMPOSSIBLE to distinguish between the aristocrats on the Left and the aristocrats
on the Right, if they either talked very loudly (as they do) about anything other than their
political views OR, for one minute,kept their smug mouths shut.

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An Apolitical Observation
by Darryl, Firestorm, Mockridge