"That's OK, we'll handle this ourselves."

What is the IANUW?
The International Association of Non-Union Workers is an association of workers who are not members of any
labor union. The IANUW gives ALL non-union workers a voice in matters that concern workers everywhere.

Our working theory:
Workers who choose not to join unions still have the right to have their voices heard; their concerns should be
fairly represented.

How many non-union workers are there in the United States?
Of the 307 million people in the United States slightly more than 15 million are union members. By most
estimates 12% to 14% persons
do not participate in the labor force. That leaves approximately 245 million
working persons who are non-union.

How much influence might the IANUW have?
If unions representing 15 million people have CLOUT, what kind of clout must an organization that represents
245 million workers have?

How can I join the IANUW?
You don’t have to. If you are NOT a member of a labor union, you are, ipso facto a member. However, if you
wish to formalize your membership, you may email us to sign up, or purchase a membership card or
encourage others to look at this statement, and comment, or criticize, or join.

The Difference between Labor Unions and this Association:
Labor Unions claim to mobilize workers at the grassroots level. Whether that is true or not, you can hardly get
more grass roots than 245 million non-union workers, with no union bosses.
By far the largest workers' organization in the world.
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