"It's either immediately understood or can not be explained."

Henry Edward Fool

Emma Moonsinger

Darryl Mockridge
The Long-form Narrative and Poetry of  HENRY EDWARD FOOL                       
"I now realize that during all those years when I was praying for a small,
dedicated readership, I should have been praying for a
large dedicated readership."                                    Henry Edward Fool
When Henry is moved from Night Guy to Desk Clerk   
at a small, privately-owned French hotel, he sees for     
himself, in the blinding light of day, just how helpless,     
needy, demanding and just plain insane some hotel        
guests can be. He suffers greatly of course.
It is indeed a Trial By Guest.
foundation of two easily recognizable highly respected last names but a teetering
mind. It’s about winos and junkies and arrogance and shame and a $6000 bicycle
(back then that was a chunk of change.) There’s a guy in there who built a 19 foot
mahogany speedboat in his basement. There are rednecks in there, naturally, and
several black people—but only one who thinks the world owes him anything—and
a Jewish tailor or two. Of course there’s sex in there; sex both vulgar and pure.
There are stories about work and stories about trees. Because it’s the Sixties there’s
something in there about war and resistance and the philosophy of those both
involved and wishing only to remain un. There are stories about acid and drug
dealers and reckless driving and the Rolling Stones and Norman Mailer, and though
some people insist it was Art Garfunkel, it was Paul Simon. But, Bob Dylan walks
through, there’s no doubt about that, and there’s a Persian prince and stories about
coleslaw and excursions to California, and more. Here’s what's weird, it’s all true.
Some poets suffer greatly
under the weighty demands
of the writing process
and expect the same
their readership.
Henry Fool
Though penned more than thirty years ago, folded properly,
any one of Fool's plays still makes an excellent doorstop.
WHEN I WAS A LOW-LIFE was a compilation of 60 or so stories that showed
how surprisingly human we all are and touched occasionally upon our remarkable
ability to deny the fleeting nature of our own existence. To many people's surprise
Low-Life was non-fiction. This is pretty much the same thing, with the idle
musings of whatever it is that I've become thrown in, mainly because I wanted the
thing to have a certain heft.
All numbered, Limited Edition Sets of
THREE by FOOL have been claimed.
Always forward-looking, Fool prepares himself.
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