The Half-Width Pool Table
There are two types of people who yearn to own a pool table but can not.                         
Those who
can’t afford a pool table
(or think they can’t, which is pretty much the same thing.)
Those who
don’t have the space for a pool table
(and are dead sure of it, because they've measured every room a dozen times.)

THE ANSWER: The Half-Width pool table
The Half-Width pool table puts the cost of a quality pool table within reach for all of these poor, suffering,
deserving souls, AND, it will fit in almost any room. The Half-Width will cost about half of a standard size table.
AND, unless you live in a place with no walls, or oval rooms, it will accommodated an 8 foot, Half-Width pool table.

The Design
This design is for a pool table of standard length but only half the width of a standard table (see attached patent
application drawing). To add to the peculiarity there are pockets only on one side of this table. Stranger still: this
table is designed to be mounted lengthwise against a wall, and the game is played with 7 balls.
Despite all that, the Half-Width pool table is a serious—and seriously built—pool table, for serious shooters.

Serious shooters will immediately recognize that—BECAUSE of its design and placement—the Half-Width pool
table is a challenge. The Half-Width table places greater demands on the shooter’s skills. To a great extent any
question about that will be eliminated almost entirely by simply handing the doubter a cue. They’ll quickly discover
that shots which would normally be taken casually from the other side of the table can’t be taken so casually any
more, because there is no other side of the table—there’s a wall there. So, the simplest shot on a full-size table
may now require a cushion…or two. This table eliminates “slop” almost entirely. On the Half-Width table shots
which show off your real abilities come up more frequently. In essence: this is a real pool table, for shooting real
pool. “All Skill, No Slop” Think about it.


       Believe me: “This Table is Not Your Friend”

How this came about:
When I was in high school, we had a pool table in the basement. We shot pool regularly. One time, because of
construction, a contractor had stacked a load of 2x6s on top of the pool table. They covered about one half of the
table and were too heavy, and too much trouble, for me to move. I shot pool anyway. It was a frustrating but
interesting game: with a dead rail on one side, half the width, only three pockets. Thousand years later, I
wondered what that table would be like with a live rail. I did a few drawings and discovered that such a table
would—while resting on the same fundamentals—require greater skills than on a full width table. I also realized,
genius that I am, that it would take up less space. Of the 23 different apartments I’ve lived in over the last 40
years; only ONE of them could not have accommodated an 8 foot, Half-Width pool table, and that’s because the
room was an oval.
I filed for a patent for this design in December of 2008. After a few things mailed back and forth, I have never
heard a word from the patent office since. So then, now there’s this. Let’s try it with them out of the loop.

In brief: standard pool tables are large and take up a lot of space in the middle of the room. It is not unusual for
such a table to require the entire room for itself. Many people, myself among them, are denied the pleasure of
shooting pool at home because they simply do not have a room to dedicate to a pool table. The HALF-WIDTH
pool table only takes up space along one wall. It will fit into any room that is as wide as a pool cue is long. A full
size Half-Width could fit in an 8’ X 10’ room. Such a room would not accommodate even the smallest (3’ X 6”)
standard pool table.
Beyond that,a quality pool table is EXPENSIVE. I've never been a rich man.
All of my life I've faced those same two obstacles -- can't afford it, no room big enough.
So, I’m going to make professional-quality Half-Width pool tables and sell them at a remarkably reasonable price.
Half-Width Pool Tables
Serious pool tables are large and expensive.
Inexpensive tables lack quality materials and quality construction.
It’s difficult to shoot serious pool on a table that’s a joke.

If you're serious about shooting pool, you either own an expensive, quality pool table or you hang out where
quality tables can be found… wishing you could own one.
Half-Width Pool Tables DECEPTIVELY
one of the first 12 Half-Width
pool tables built?
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