Glass Football is played with a football made of sugar glass. It is easily shattered.

The game is played on the field half as wide as it is long. So, it can be played on a football field.

Each team is composed of an odd number of players, typically 7 or 9, depending upon the size of the
field and prior agreement. The players wear no protective gear. Glass Football is flag football, not tackle.

The quarterback must wear a top hat.

In general:
Glass Football requires more agility and cleverness than brute force. Though they may call it
football, in regular football, they ain’t playin’. In
Glass Football play is a serious part of the game.
Win, lose or draw, the slogan is: “We’re here to play.”

The EGG:
Glass Football aficionados refer to the Glass Football as an
egg. 12 eggs are allotted for each game.
So, 3 shattered eggs may be considered a ‘quarter’ and 6 shattered eggs, a ‘half’.
Eggs are valuable, and, their value increases with each turnover, because,
when the last egg shatters,
the game is officially over.

THE GAME BEGINS, quite naturally, with MAYHEM:
With the egg sitting in the very center of the field, the quarterback of each team stands behind his
opponent’s thirty yard line (or the equivalent thereof) He is surrounded with the remainder of the
opponent team (if they so choose). He must escape them in order to claim the egg.
A declaration, “Let the MAYHEM begin” signals the start of the game.

The mayhem concludes when one of the quarterbacks claims the egg and it is shattered in his
In this instance and in this instance only, the egg remains in the possession of the team
which held it when shattered.

In all other instances, when the egg shatters, regardless of how—whether the egg is shattered
intentionally, or due to carelessness, whether dropped or uncaught, or smashed by an opponent, or by
the player himself, or by a member of his own team—there is a turn-over. The other team takes
possession on the spot where the largest piece of the egg is found.

To avoid a turn over, the quarterback can throw down his top hat while in possession of the egg.
That ends that down, and the ball is marked on that spot where his hat lands.

DECISIONS, decisions, decisions
Glass Football is a situational game in which, decisions concerning possession must be made
instantaneously. In Glass Football there may be instances in which one team voluntarily hands the egg
to the other team, and in which they try to avoid taking it.

It is unlikely that anyone can KICK a Glass football (though you’re welcome to try).
So, Glass Football is largely a running and passing game.

Cross the goal line with a whole, intact egg, get ONE point.
Shatter the egg in the possession of your opponent
behind the goal line, TWO points.

And always remember: in GLASS FOOTBALL, “It’s over when the last egg is shattered”

The size, weight, shape, and, especially, tensile strength of the glass football must necessarily be
regulated... We're a-workin' on that.

I'd like to establish a Glass Football League.
I'd like to begin with a couple teams in a few towns.
I'd like to see a play-off and championship series, eventually.

If you have
any interest in this thing, or if you have suggestions, or you'd like to take part in forming
this league, contact me at:

I may not have all the answers, but I have some.

On behalf of a more delightful future, I thank you.

r. mansfield

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