Estuary Publications is a non-existent publishing house which publishes the very real book-length works
of three distinct imagined authors: Henry Edward Fool, Emma Moonsinger, and Darryl Mockridge.
Under the direction of publisher, Charles, Dark-Cloud, Bellwether, these three have somehow managed
to produce 10 books since June of 2010. Although all three were reported dead—killed in a train crash
in Delphi, Kansas on November 1, 2015—they continue producing books.

The fact that Charles Bellwether was lost at sea—while attempting to conquer the Pacific Ocean single-
handed in the 30-foot sailboat, ABJURED—has, admittedly, complicated things maybe just a little.
WHEN I WAS A LOW-LIFE: An American Education
(published: June 2, 2010)
The culmination of nearly 50 years of writing, as well as occasional thought, concerning 4 college
years in Richmond, Virginia, beginning 1967.

(published November 15, 2010)

TRIAL BY GUEST: An Accurate Accounting of the Various Reasons I Should Be Hung
(published, November 10, 2011)
Concerning 12 years working in a small privately owned French Hotel, in San Francisco.

AWAKE AMID ANCESTRAL DREAMS –poetry by Emma Moonsinger
(published January 23, 2011)

EARWIG, includes “Jack Nicholson IS Santa Claus”, by Darryl Mockridge
(published March 29, 2011)

AMERICAN RACONTEUR: Real American Writin’ for Real American Readin’
(published June 2, 2012)
Concerning events 18 years prior to, and the nearly 40 years after the events recorded in
When I Was A Low-Life

LOST IN THE DIN: Why Your Opinion on Politics and Religion Means NOTHING,
and mine means even less
(March 20, 2013)
Politics as seen from an a-political POV

REFINEMENT: How a Good Marriage Can Nudge an Unwary Man in the Direction of Civility
(January 18, 2014),
Concerning (yes, I’m as surprised as you are) marriage.

QUIT SMOKING in 17 DAYS, if you truly wish to (April 2, 2015) by Darryl Mockridge
(a small booklet for smokers who are too intelligent to continue nursing such a mindless habit, yet
remain somehow unaware of it.)

TWO WEEKS IN BLETANTE (February, 2016) by Darryl Mockridge
A visit to a non-existent island nation reveals the fact that law and common sense need not
necessarily be, in every instance, mutually exclusive.

RETURN TO BLETANTE (May 28, 2017) by Darryl Mockridge
Darryl Mockridge, previously expelled from Bletante --and set adrift at sea in a rubber raft--now
finds himself invited back; this time as a Greatly Honored Guest of the Island Nation.
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