"It's either immediately understood or can not be explained."

Henry Edward Fool

Emma Moonsinger

Darryl Mockridge
a poem by Emma Moonsinger

Let me say only one thing more
In passing
A casual sort of observation

Stripped of nuance
Free of rhythm
Without implication
No agenda whatsoever
An amusement merely
An amusement

When I moved to Forestville
For the sake of Love (insert raucous laughter here)
I made myself a promise
On that first starry night

I promised myself that I would
Spend each night
Upon that porch
Looking up at the starlit sky

It hung so closely overhead
It was unlike any sky I had seen
Since childhood
And I made a solemn vow

I thought that it could only do me good

I promised myself that I would
Each night, observe that sky
From upon that porch

It was deep and dark and somehow welcoming
That lovely sparkling expanse

And I swore that I would
From that day on (cross my jaded heart)
For as long as I lived in that neat place
Look up and upon that sky
For a moment I would dwell
Either giving thanks or
Barring that, open myself to
Accept its broadcast benevolence

The trees, you know, the trees
Seemed to know what I was up to
Flooded with a basic, off-hand, casual thanks,
I prayed
That I would pray again
And would continue to pray
Under those knowing trees
Until eventually
I would come to understand such beauty
And add meaning to my prayers

The cats had no problem with it
They were out there every night naturally
Secure in the knowledge
Deprived to me
By too much effort
And far too much muddled thought
And I went inside on that first night
With a solemn SOLEMN sacred SACRED searing vow
Branded fresh upon my lips
I swore

With an unfamiliar pride
Bravely swelling my stupid, childish heart
I swore

With tight closed eyes and clenchéd hands
I swore

And I lived in Forestville for –what?—
Three years (or more, I guess)
And never set foot out on that porch
At night

from: Awake Amid Ancestral Dreams, by Emma Moonsinger
a poem by Emma Moonsinger

I've been wrong
I know because
I know what wrong is

I've done wrong
I'll do wrong again
I've been wrong before

When I claim compassion
When I ask forgiveness
It's just asking
for something
I don't deserve

I make the claim
of innocence
Just as if
there is no wrong in that

But I've been wrong
I know because
I know what wrong is
Awake Amid Ancestral Dreams