Richard Mansfield
Cornell Hotel de France
715 Bush Street, SF CA 94108                           
 more than willing to move to Asheville
(415) 421 3154  FAX 399 1442                            My wife and I own a little cabin in Mars Hill

As a writer and editor my task has always been:
• to interview experts in the field
• to distill the common wisdom
• to extract unique insights
• to unearth meaning buried in jargon, tech-speak, legalese, unnecessary verbiage
• to cast it in a highly readable, readily understandable and memorable form

Background Summary:
A published author—along with every other human being on earth—I have published nine
books in the last four years. A skilled professional interviewer. Well over 25 years of writing
and editorial experience, including book-length works, grant proposals, public relations and
marketing materials. Effective working independently or as part of a team. Dedicated to
delivering precise information in a timely manner.

Writer/Online Publisher
Please see my current website: Everything on that site is my work
(everything). For one very full year (1990): Editor and publisher of an online weekly, music
trade publication, BluesTrade.Com.
My work has seen print in: Evergreen Review, Living Blues, Blues Review, Thrasher, a
variety of small press, doorstep and throwaway publications.

Three years: wrote, edited and published an internationally distributed, award winning blues
publication. “Bay Blues” held a surprisingly dedicated, word-of-mouth readership which
extended to Poland, Japan, Czechoslovakia, Ireland, England and what was then E.

Five years: provided writing and editorial assistance on a wide variety of successful
development projects—grants, public relations, solicitations, newsletters—for Boys & Girls
Clubs of San Diego, as well as Quail Botanical Gardens, Encinitas, CA.

Published Book-length Non-fiction Author
WHEN I WAS A LOW-LIFE: An American Education, 2010 Estuary Publications
STUDIO BASICS: What You Should Know BEFORE Entering The Recording Studio, 1998,
Billboard Books.  etc. etc. etc.

Creative Writer
Author of six full-length plays. “An Appeal for Shorter Doors” was a finalist in the 1985
FDG/CBS Playwright Competition; one of 25 finalists in a field of over 17,000 entries.
Folded properly any one of my plays might still make an excellent doorstop.

If you're looking for a writer, look no further.