Dear Mr. President,

If you want real tax reform, it’s really pretty easy. Here’s what you do.  

Let us taxpayers say how our tax money is spent.

And, here’s how you do that.

1- Scrap all the nonsense, en masse; just scrap it all.
2- Set a tax rate of 12%
3- EVERYBODY pays that tax rate; rich, poor, middle class.
Whatever you make, wherever and however you make it—legal, illegal, here, there—you pay 12%..
4- THAT 12% becomes the OFFICIAL US BUDGET   

Then, here's the hard part: Congress has to do its part.  
We give them 12% of our income, it’s up to them to make it work.

BUT, we’ll tell them how to do that:.
5- LET EACH TAX PAYER allocate, dollar for dollar, what their taxes are to be used for.

No matter the amount, whether it is taken from us, given freely or rendered begrudgingly,
the aspect that is most concerning about taxes is how that money is spent.

When someone complains: Why are they spending tax dollars on the mating life of Banana Slugs?,
what they are actually saying is, “I don’t want MY money spent on that.”

When someone complains: They take 35% of my income and what do they do with it?
They're saying, “I want some say about how money, which I earned through my labor, is spent.”

When someone cheats on their taxes, or avoids taxes, or pays no taxes, it’s their way of saying,
“I don’t want to contribute any more than I must to government wastefulness.”

HOWEVER, if EACH TAX PAYER allocates every single dollar of his taxes to the budgetary items which
concern him most, all of those problems go away.

We each tell Congress directly what we'd like to see our taxes used for. AND
Collectively we tell them, “THIS is precisely  what we want from our government,
and this is how much we are willing to pay for it.”

By this process we will have accomplished many things:

We will have established a purer form of representative democracy;
We will have composed a prototype Federal Budget;
We will have eliminated special interests, lobbying, bribery, greed and stupidity
from the budgetary process.

We will also create a tax system under which more people might more willingly cooperate.
Those people who otherwise might cheat or avoid taxes, and those who pay no taxes at all
will be encouraged to take a greater part in the process.

At once, (this is my guess) we will forge a greater union of all people in the United States of America.

Think about it, Mr. President.

Thank you for your time,

Richard Mansfield




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